Scott Bennett

Senior Graphic Designer

As Senior Designer, Scott relishes the opportunity to research and experiment with visual language and mediums that can be used to give a consistent message.

When he joined the team in 2020, he was looking to find a collective of professionals who would also look at the big picture and have the freedom to design with a purpose to solve problems. Being surrounded by experts in different disciplines with a hunger to grow, and surpass his own expectations and abilities.

Over the past ten years, Scott has been creating within the music industry, mostly for dance events and creating promotional materials for them, and has also moved into branding artists, creating artwork for songs and motion graphics to help promote these.

Always juggling a few creative side-projects, some of which tend to be paused for months at a time as he tends to be distracted by new ideas.

Scott Bennett

Senior Graphic Designer

Scott BennettScott Bennett


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