Reno Hughes

SEO & PPC Manager

Starting in April 2021, Reno has been working as NOSY’s in-house SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) Manager, dedicated to exploiting Google’s algorithm to help businesses from local to international rank higher on Google.

Reno also creates a digital strategy to determine the best use of paid advertising (PPC) to drive traffic to businesses for lead generation, customer conversions and increasing profits.

Since Reno began working at NOSY, he has proven the importance of SEO work within the projects that the company has undertaken, becoming a fundamental part of web builds and content creation for sites. Even in a short time, Reno has had great success as NOSY for companies such as Wheeler & Lai and Go Internet.

The understanding Reno has in his field is solely self-taught, studying books, blogs, and primarily YouTube. As someone who really enjoys learning and implementing SEO and PPC strategies, Reno has had the opportunity to develop this knowledge on the job, for example in regards to LinkedIn advertising.

Graduating in June 2019, Reno holds a second-class honours degree in BA International Politics. Reno’s main interest, outside of work and studying, is reading a broad range of genres, from literary fiction to political theory. Reno’s favourites include Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace and How To Be An Anti Capitalist by Erik Olin Wright.

Reno Hughes

SEO & PPC Manager

Reno HughesReno Hughes


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