Laurence Montalbo


Having started at NOSY during the turbulent first half of 2020, Laurence (or L-Train) is one of the team's Videographers, creating brilliant pieces of work for clients ranging from promotional films to documentaries. Whilst creating mini-epics for clients isn’t always easy, Laurence thoroughly enjoys working with the rest of the team.

Laurence’s path first crossed with NOSY in the early days of the company when Reuben, who he worked with producing videos for weddings, introduced him to Matt. From there, Laurence went on to attend Matt’s side-hustle, CGI Con. Laurence cites NOSY as a very different working environment to that of his previous roles.

Those previous roles were primarily in care, with his passion for videography being fulfilled working as a Videographer for Indigo Cinema, mostly during the weekends, for wedding shoots. Laurence is also a huge fan of pop culture, 90s music, sports (basketball in particular), anime, and loves to draw, which has been a hobby of his since childhood, growing up in the Philippines.

Outside of work and his hobbies, Laurence can be found spending time with his family - his lovely wife and young daughter, which makes him incredibly happy. As his friend Vin always says “family is important”.

Laurence Montalbo


Laurence MontalboLaurence Montalbo


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