Georgina Selway

Graphic Designer

Georgina, or just G as she’s known, joined NOSY in May 2021 as a Junior Website Designer within the Web Department. The strong design skills Georgina holds have also translated well to allow her to work on some of the recent graphics projects, supporting the creation of marketing collateral for some of the bigger clients.

Prior to working for NOSY, G’s work experience was mostly hospitality-based, working as a barista and for professional catering events such as weddings and Cowes Week, however, she also worked on freelance design work.

Georgina is incredibly passionate and invested in the art and design world so, in her free time, frequently visits a broad array of galleries and explores different art forms. Furthermore, G is a keen traveller, who enjoys exploring the world, which explains why she is currently learning Chinese and Korean.

This love of languages is in part fueled by the variety of genres of music that Georgina listens to in all different languages. One of G’s favourite gigs was at Scala in London when she saw The Rose and they got to meet and high five afterwards.

Georgina Selway

Graphic Designer

Georgina SelwayGeorgina Selway


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