April Turner

Operations Director

April began working for NOSY back in 2019 in a customer relations role, and has progressed rapidly to her current role as Operations Director. April had a big challenge on her hands, not just as she had to keep four big personalities in check, but also this was her first role in the industry, and has since successfully learned the ins and outs of marketing, while managing the business.

It was quickly identified that, due to the growth of NOSY through word of mouth and the healthy stream of projects coming in, the company needed more staff with specific knowledge and experience to help the business advance. April therefore took on the more administrative and organisational side of things to help free up her fellow team members’ time.

With this rapid growth, April developed into an Office Manager role, also taking on the financial, legal and HR responsibilities for the company. Now, with 15 employees, April focuses on business development to help NOSY grow alongside the team.

Prior to NOSY, April’s experience was within the animal world, working in yards, farms and volunteering at animal shelters. This work informed her role in retail at a country store where she gained valuable and informative admin experience, progressing into managing a team and leading training. This, paired with learned experiences on the job, makes April the real backbone of NOSY.

April’s passions outside of work revolve around gardening, growing veggies and working on her wild bee nature zone (#savethebees!). When the weather’s not in her favour, April pulls out the sewing machine to create incredible costumes, home decor, and mend things for friends and family. Being on the Isle of Wight, April loves long country walks with a flask of tea - what more could you want?

April Turner

Operations Director

April TurnerApril Turner

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