Alex Watts

Content & Engagement Manager

Alex has been with NOSY since the very beginning, being the owner of the desk where Matt [Greg] would perch himself when starting the business. To pay the rent in the early days, both Alex and Matt would dress up as Batman and Spiderman for children’s parties. Three years later, Alex’s role focuses on Culture & Development.

From Michael Jackson to the local coffee shops, Alex has worked in PR for a massive spectrum of clients. It is also worth noting that Alex and Matt make a mean cocktail, having managed a bar while at the same time starting NOSY.

Outside of NOSY, Alex galivants around the planet to preach the good word of Autism and ADHD as a motivational speaker. Through this work, Alex has also attended global summits on disability and accessibility, cultivating a better tomorrow for all.

Between the years 1993 and 2004, Alex’s personal interest lay in the alt-pop-punk-rock’n’roll genre of music, and now he spends his time denying his age by beating people at Rocket League and Fortnite. Alex also holds a pretty impressive hip-hop vinyl collection and loves Batman.

The talent in Alex’s family can be diluted as follows: at the age of 16, his brother did work experience at NASA, his sister recorded an album and he worked at a petrol station.

Alex’s role at NOSY is to ensure that people see you in the best way possible while also helping to develop all areas of the team.

Alex Watts

Content & Engagement Manager

Alex WattsAlex Watts


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