Alex Benbow-Carter


Alex, Al, or ABC, joined NOSY in April 2021 as a Junior Videographer, with a focus on creating product videos and various projects from video business cards to cinematic adverts. With a love of the post-production process, especially sound design, Alex is a recent graduate from Bournemouth University with a first-class degree in Media Production.

Prior to joining NOSY, Alex worked hard to develop from a Studio Assistant role to a Brand Executive and Media Content Creation at a music studio. He also hosted and ran the desk for his own radio show at university, and also works on commissioned freelance digital and illustration projects.

Alex’s illustrations tend to involve bold, original creatures and characters inspired by the vibrant cartoons of the 1990s; these awesome artworks can be viewed via Alex’s Instagram, @alexbc_art. Alex is also a musician and has independently created an EP and singles under the name Freakshake.

The passion for music doesn’t stop there, as Alex would happily enjoy a 45-minute discussion deconstructing an album or even a film, which he also has a big love for. His love for music and film is of course what led him to want to study and work within the media industry. Full circle!

Alex Benbow-Carter


Alex Benbow-CarterAlex Benbow-Carter


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