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Don’t Be a Victim of PP (Pod Punishment)

Before we start, I just want to preface this with a disclaimer; I have absolutely violated, broken, found loopholes in and bent rules on EVERY Social Media network. I’m a …

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LinkedIn Q&A #1

Recently, Alex and I hosted our first #VirtualLinkedInClub, I’ve pledged to write an article answering the questions brought up in the chat… so here we …

How to ‘Listen’​ on Social Media

Listening is key to effective social media marketing – both, for your business and your personal brand. I’ve compiled 10 ways on how you can ‘hear more’ on social media, I hope this saves you a bit of time and increases your engagement – let’s jump into it.

Marketing Is About Emotion

Why is this important for marketing your business? Because most people subconsciously use their Reptilian Brain and recognise hard-selling commercials as a threat of the unknown. They ‘recognise danger’ as part of our evolution. These instincts have developed over millions of years and are hard to turn off.

Hack Your Social Media in 4 EASY Steps

How’s it going everyone, my name is Alex – I am the chief of culture and shenanigans here at Nosy Marketing and I’m here with …

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Covid-19 Toolkits Launch

Covid-19 Toolkits has almost 100 articles on how businesses around the globe can get through the current crisis.

NHS Launch

As the Coronavirus or Covid19 Pandemic in the UK changes daily we need to act as a nation.

Graphic design studio

Digital Presence During Covid-19 Lockdown

Your business’ digital presence is currently more important than ever, more eyes will be focused on the internet and MORE people will browse through your website.

Code For Ethics

Open-Source Software & Open Data Conference

We are excited to be supporting the Open-source Software & Open Data Conference: Code For Ethics, happening on the 2nd September 2020 at Solent University

ICT Film

Filming ICT For Education

Today our office has been a conference at the AMEX Stadium in Brighton where we filmed a series of videos for ICT for Education!