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September 23, 2020
// Alex Watts

Hack Your Social Media in 4 EASY Steps

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How’s it going everyone, my name is Alex – I am the chief of culture and shenanigans here at Nosy Marketing and I’m here with another Social Media Tips & Tricks video to help you hone and develop your business presence online. In this episode, we’re not going to talk about WHAT you post – more HOW you post. Let’s just jump into it.

Using a Full-Stop on Twitter Conversations Helps Organic Reach.

Let’s start with Twitter and the most commonly made mistake on the platform. Let’s say I was just in your cafe, writing my memoir and having a drink. You want to talk about this momentous occasion on Twitter and say something like:

Right? Wrong.

Twitter’s algorithm will class that as a conversation between us and will predominantly show it to any shared followers we have in common with little to no bleed over to the wider world. Instead, chuck a full stop before the @ and you’ll be seen by more people.

Also, hashtag that coffee, it’s used millions of times a day so get into that conversation, maybe chuck a deal in there.

Catching People Before the Hour is Better Than ON the Hour

Next up is TIMING. We’ve all seen it in our business, you’ve made a GOLDEN post and image to boot, slapped that bad boy up at 11:20 am and NADA, right? Here’s the inside scoop on why. Significantly fewer people are on their phone or browsing at 11:20 am. When ARE they? Just before the hour. A lot of people are usually checking their phone before that 11 am meeting or lecture. Catching them just before the hour goes a long way to improving your post reach and engagement.

Hack Your YouTube Link With a Subscribe Button

Growing your YouTube channel is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It’s such a competitive landscape, we have to pull out every trick or nudge to get people to subscribe. If you’ve got a link on your website to your YouTube page – add this at the end: ?sub_confirmation=1


That way, once someone clicks the link, they’re faced with a ‘confirm subscription’ button overlaying your page – most likely, they’ll press ‘confirm’ and boom, a new subscriber.

Clean Up Your Messy Links & TRACK Them

While we’re talking links – let’s tidy yours up. Posts on social networks can be quite – how do we put it? Ugly. You’ve seen it; ‘Check out our new blog post!’ That’s a whole lot of link – more than the actual post. So how do we reduce it? Try using a service like to reduce your link size to a more palatable size.

The image shows a URL we're going to shorten.
Let’s take this think and shorten it.
It’s as easy as that!

As a bonus, your links will be tracked, allowing you to measure how many times they’re clicked. Just pop the link in, maybe even adjust the URL and BOOM – you’re good to go. 

That’s 4 awesome tips you can use right now to up your Social Media game. Want to know more about the internert and things? Follow Nosy Marketing


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