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Filming at Ascensos

Published // 13 October 2019
Videos for recruitment purposes are a great way to showcase the company's culture in an interactive way.

Alex and Matt filmed at the Ascensos’ Isle of Wight site yesterday; what a marvellous building! The goal was to produce several videos to aid with the company’s recruitment.

Ascensos is the “Europe’s leading customer service outsourcing partner and omnichannel CX specialist. They deliver the world class experience that your customers deserve.”

We interviewed several staff members; specifically focusing on their story and how they ended up at Ascensos; it was an insightful experience. Some of the staff came from hospitality, there was a bricklayer who hasn’t touched a computer for 25 years, NHS staff, engineers… a whole array of people, from all walks of life. It was insightful and made us understand that people can very much be trained to be successful at their job.

The video will be released on the company’s social media channels, with the aim to drive more recruitment as the company continues to expand. Dozens of jobs are currently available.

Great project to be involved in – from Matt and Alex 🙂

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