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Covid-19 Toolkits Launch

Right now it’s about staying positive, thinking outside the box, working together and supporting your community. 

That’s the reasons we didn’t sulk over lost clients and having to self-isolate; we collaborated with Iridium Business Solutions and created this website:

Covid-19 Toolkits has almost 100 articles on how businesses around the globe can get through the current crisis. We’ve turned this around in a few days and want to keep the project growing, helping more people.

We formed this website for two reasons… to allow you to gain specific advice on what other businesses in your industry are doing during this crisis and secondly, to allow experts to share their knowledge and help others.

This is a community effort and we need the community to get involved and support each other – so if you’d like to add to this site (on how your business is dealing with the current crisis) or if you know anyone – please send us a message.

All the articles can be browsed for free and we are continuously updating the website. 

Stay safe and remember that we’re all going to come out of this situation stronger if we can work together 💙

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