Nosy Marketing

Author: Matt Greg

LinkedIn Q&A #1

Recently, Alex and I hosted our first #VirtualLinkedInClub, I’ve pledged to write an article answering the questions brought up in the chat… so here we

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How to ‘Listen’​ on Social Media

Listening is key to effective social media marketing – both, for your business and your personal brand. I’ve compiled 10 ways on how you can ‘hear more’ on social media, I hope this saves you a bit of time and increases your engagement – let’s jump into it.

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Marketing Is About Emotion

Why is this important for marketing your business? Because most people subconsciously use their Reptilian Brain and recognise hard-selling commercials as a threat of the unknown. They ‘recognise danger’ as part of our evolution. These instincts have developed over millions of years and are hard to turn off.

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