Making human connections, and growing together

Nosy Team socialising in room oneNosy Team socialising in room one

We are NOSY

Simply, it suits our focus on curiosity. We’re not ex-agency, so we’ve built from the ground up and learnt as we’ve gone. We’ve found our clients, not just dialled old contacts. We’ve dug in, and we’ve grown up. And when people put their trust in us, we deliver.

That mentality also fuels how we work with brands. By knowing everything we can about your sector, rivals and audience, we can feel more than a hired service. We want to feel part of your team.

Finally, it also means we’re obsessed with discovering different techniques and approaches - whether it’s the latest innovation or a tried and trusted method.

Meet the team

We're always learning

We respect our clients, their customers and our suppliers

We're inclusive

We help staff realise their potential

When we say we'll deliver, we deliver

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We love our work


Nosy Consultancy Ltd.

CRN: 11546675

VAT: 334802514

28 Daish Way, Newport, PO30 5XJ

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