Nosy Marketing

We believe that innovative technology companies will change the world for the better.

Matt Greg


I’m here to bring together a team of success-hungry marketers who are honest, respectful, results-driven and most importantly, human.

Alex Watts


The legacy of our business lies in the people we help and the lives we change. I share our knowledge via training and community initiatives.

Reuben Mowle


I’m passionate about telling powerful stories through video, and using it to capture and communicate what makes your company unique.

Richard Brimson


Your brand is based on the experience you deliver to customers. I help your business create great experiences across digital platforms.

April Turner


I build great relationships with our customers and help them get the answers they need … because there’s nothing worse than 1/2 hour of hold music.

Solene Pasquier


We’ve all had those moments where a detail makes us go ‘WOW!’ I help to add those moments to your business.

Scott Bennett


Design is not just what it looks like, it’s also how it works. I help our clients plan and run compelling, productive digital marketing campaigns.

David Thornton


Opportunities to increase your brand exposure are everywhere. I help businesses identify possibilities, shape the relevant story and spread the word.

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We’re always looking for exceptional people because a business is only as great as its team. So, if you’re feeling Nosy, we want to hear from you.



To us, this means always doing the right thing, so you don’t need to look over our shoulder.


We respect our customers, environment, community, colleagues, competitors – and ourselves.


We employ staff from all backgrounds and create an environment which maximises their potential.


We deliver on promises both as individuals and as a business. If we mess up, we own it.


Our industry moves incredibly fast. We understand that to stand still is to go backwards.


We love our work. Seriously. Our passion is integral to our business – it’s what drives our development.

Our Story

September 2017

Bedrooms & Generators

Does everyone start their business sat in their bedroom with an idea and a ‘random business name generator’?

No? Well, that’s how ‘Nosy Catfish’ was born.

Matt’s side hustle was creating simple websites for friends and designing graphics using free software.

It didn’t take long before they dropped the ‘Catfish’. (Thankfully).

(Matt does now recognise it was a poor choice!)

September 2017

March 2018

Of iPads & Libraries

Matt eventually found himself at Age UK as a Digital Tutor. He visited elderly people in their homes and in the community, teaching them how to use iPads, shop online, or video call their families.

While working at the charity Matt changed the name to Nosy Design, and worked on the fledgling company in spare evenings.

March 2018

September 2018

The 1st Marketeer

Business was going well enough to double in size – but who to bring on board?

Matt and Alex met while working a bar job. Alex’s first job was to teach Matt what a shandy was. (True story).

They quickly moved on to more technical stuff, with Alex doubling the size of the Nosy team.

September 2018

November 2018

Welcome To Our Crib

Soon after, Nosy moved into their first office. It was an empty shell, and our dynamic duo found themselves painting, plastering and fitting carpets.

They also quickly discovered that putting together IKEA furniture was not their forte…

November 2018

January 2019

And Then There Were 3

The new year saw Nosy expanding their service range and taking on an apprentice. Ollie quickly joined the team full-time.

As their knowledge and experience grew, so did their client base. The company repositioned, and began working with progressively larger companies.

January 2019

May 2019

All Aboard The Train’ing

Sharing with the community has always been a big part of the Nosy way, so online events and IOW Chamber training seminars were a natural next step.

Alex and Matt delivered training courses on social media, branding, and video advertising, helping dozens of business owners to grow their organisations.

May 2019

September 2019

Tech Drinks, Anyone?

They next launched ‘Tech Drinks’, a monthly networking event aimed at the technology sector. It continues to be a huge success, and each session now attracts 50+ attendees.

The first seeds of Nosy becoming technology marketing experts were planted…

September 2019

October 2019

Black Ties & Dresses

As the team continued to expand, they were nominated for the IOW Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Start-up Business of the Year’.

Nosy didn’t pick up the trophy, but the application process helped the team focus and keep developing.

October 2019

December 2019

Office 2.0

With both Reuben (Video Director) and April (Relationships Manager) joining the team in quick succession, it was time for a larger office.

The Nosy Space now includes seven offices, a training room, plenty of storage…

…and space for further expansion.

December 2019

March 2020

Defining Purpose

The team made a decision to pick a niche and specialise in marketing technology companies.

On top of this page you’ll notice a quote: “We believe that innovative technology companies will change the world for the better.”

That’s what Nosy believes in.

Watch this space for more work, more events and more impact.

March 2020