Nosy Marketing

Our 3 Year Journey


September 2018

NOSY’s journey began in 2018, after a late-night bar shift (over a box of McNuggets). Our dream was to build a company that gave its employees the experience and opportunities which we never (quite) received ourselves.

We’re not ex-agency, so we’ve built from the ground up and learnt as we’ve gone. We’ve found our clients, not just dialled old contacts. We’ve dug in, and grown up.

December 2018

Starting with low resources, in the corner of another business’ office, the beginnings were tough. We completed a lot of pro bono work, delivered training sessions, and overall tried to put NOSY on the map.

Honestly, we never imagined that 3 years down the line, we would be where we are today.


Early 2019

2019 was a year of ‘firsts’. We moved into our first office in Sandown and hired an employee. Many of you reading this gave us a chance with our first contracts.

Without your trust and patience, NOSY wouldn’t exist now. Thank you.

Mid 2019

As 2019 progressed, so did we. It was a time full of learning and (frankly) making mistakes. Our team expanded which brought interesting challenges of its own.

During this period we also became far more involved with the Isle of Wight community. From charity fundraising initiatives and offering student work experience, to starting our own networking event ‘Tech Drinks’.


NOSY Space

Late 2019

As 2019 ended, so did our journey with NOSY’s first headquarters. It was time to move into a larger space.

Something about elbow-fighting on a single desk encouraged us to never overcrowd a room ever again (unless it has a vending machine).


Early 2020

Most of us began 2020 with wind in our sails… but due to a pesky bat 🦇, everyone’s plans were somewhat interrupted.

Many of our clients’ businesses came to a complete halt. It has been a tough year. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to work in an industry that could work from home, and to have a team which was willing to push on.

Developing NOSY's Company Culture

Remainder of 2020

The pandemic gave us time to consider what NOSY actually stands for. We began working on our company culture.

From diversifying the team and prioritising staff well-being, to eco-initiatives and further community involvement. 

Our Values

  • We’re always learning
  • We respect our clients & ourselves
  • We do the right thing
  • We’re inclusive
  • We help staff realise their potential
  • When we say we’ll deliver, we deliver
  • We love our work


Early 2021

One of our main goals for 2021 was to develop NOSY’s team. We knew that to get to the next level, learning was an absolute must.

We invested in external training, hired amazing people with years of experience, and began developing the next leaders within our company.

Mid 2021

With the team making skill leaps, our portfolio and client base started growing.

NOSY began to work with more clients outside of the Island across sectors like FinTech, PropTech, engineering, education and culture. 

Our team of 15 free-range creatives became a remote marketing department for these companies.

What’s next?

So, that’s our journey so far. Thank you for playing a role in it.

Maybe you motivated us, gave us a chance when we really needed it, helped us to improve, or impacted NOSY in another way. Thank you for making this possible.

What’s next for us?

Our collaborative approach has proven to unblock businesses and our agility ensures the speed of this. We have built solid foundations and now it’s time to make this skyscraper grow.